You have reached Cave Brewing Company. We are a Nano Brewery located near Bethlehem, PA producing artisan ales and lagers (yes Lagers!). We currently don’t have regular visitor center hours due to recent production demands but can accommodate private tours. Send us an email if you are interested in visiting us (see email link at bottom of page).


We are please to announce that we are now available on tap at a few locations within the Lehigh Valley PA. Let’s face it, life is too short to drink bad beer and eat subpar food. Please frequent our retailers below for an epic experience. We promise, you will NOT be disappointed!

New locations coming soon……….we hope to announce SOON some exciting new places! Stay tuned.

Our Beers

Our current products available now are:

  • Cave Lager (year round) – This beer will make you fall in love with Lagers. While it weighs in at around 5% abv, it is proudly unfiltered and full of flavor. We use real German Pilsen malt, Czech hops, and German yeast using our chemical free water. The result is a lager that is very sessionable that finishes very smooth with no off flavors.  Currently available at Limeport, Jamisons, and Main Street, and, of course, the brewery taproom!
  • Cave IPA (year round) – Described as an IPA for non-IPA & IPA people. This is our best selling beer with a new name (trademark issues forced us to stop using previous name)! It has a nice grapefruit aroma from the combination of hops used that balances the bitterness of hops with a nice malt profile with toasted crystal malts to give it depth and smoothness. If you are looking for balance and flavor, you should put this one on your short list. Take it slow though, as this one weighs in at 7.1% abv. (Currently available at brewery taproom and Limeport Inn).
  • Blind Eye Barleywine (year round) – This ale is what we thought barleywines should be – smooth and delicious without bitterness/oxidation (ie. “a barleywine that doesn’t suck” as head brewer Jeff puts it). We wanted to make something that was delicious both fresh and aged. It has very nice vanilla notes from the combination of malts, yeast, and “love” used in the recipe. It has a sweet finish that beckons another sip. This does not taste like a high alcohol beer. But take it slow as this evolved barleywine weighs in at 11% abv. This has been described as “dangerously smooth” by one of our customers. We think that pretty well sums this one up! This is currently available only at the brewery at the moment.
  • Drew’s Hand Stout (year round) – This well balanced slightly sweet stout that balances the coffee like notes with chocolate flavors. Note, there is no coffee or chocolate in this beer – just water, grains, hops, and yeast! This stout is very approachable and quite sessionable. The more you have, the more you will pick out subtle flavors. It appears to be a simple stout but it actually is one of the most complex beers we make. Jeff is a “stout guy” (in more ways than one) and took him about 12 years to perfect this recipe. When he perfected it, he had his nephew Drew brewing with him. Drew was around 8 years old and stuck his hand in the water tank that would be used to make the beer. Drew claims that the recipe was perfected with his “hand” hence the name! This stout has eight different grains, locally grown Cascade hops, and is drinkable all year round. 6.5% abv. Currently only available at the brewery’s taproom!
  • Trapped In The Cave (seasonal) – This is our take on Belgian “Abby” ales. This unfiltered pale is 7.5% abv and has just the right amount of residual sweetness. Many of the belgian ales have high banana notes with some slight “funk” aftertaste. We set out to get more of the traditional Abby ales with low banana notes and funk. We are thinking this is the perfect beer to fast with if you are a monk and if you’re not a monk, it a perfect Fall/Winter pale. In keeping with our goal of keeping it local, this beer was brewed with locally grown hops from a farm near Mt. Bethel PA . Currently only available at the brewery’s taproom!
  • 610 Copper Lager (seasonal) – This is our newest creation and is proves that lagers can be more than just for lawn mowing! This lager has a nice malt profile balanced with Cascade hops that at first tastes like an ale but then just finishes so smooth. At 7.1% abv it is sessionable but full of flavor. Prior version were 4.5% abv but we think it’s going to be a cold fall/winter so we wanted to give you some additional warmth. Don’t miss this one. Currently unavailable.
  • Gourdolicous Spiced Pumpkin Ale (seasonal) – This is our fall pumpkin beer. For you clove haters, this beer is for you! It contains only pumpkin, molasses, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. It weighs in at 6.6% abv and is VERY heavy in pumpkin. It has 2 lbs of pumpkin per gallon! It is cloudy and chunky. If that’s the type of seasonal beer you have been searching for, you search is OVER. We made ONLY 1B. When it is gone, it is gone forever. This is a one and DONE for us. It took a ridiculous amount of time to make it but we wanted to make it right. Don’t miss this one! Currently unavailable.
  • Cave Haze NE Style IPA Ale (special release) – This is our newest and very popular New England style IPA. It is generously hopped with our special combination of hops to provide a big grapefruit and mango flavors. Also generously dry hopped to provide your nose with a big dose of hoppy goodness. It is unapologetically hazy and weighs in at 8% abv.  If you are a hop head, watch for our releases of this beer. We don’t brew it often, but when we do, it sells out in one day. Currently unavailable.
  • Bert’s Yakima Stout (special release) – This is a very special beer for Cave. Our owner/brewer attempted to replicate an old recipe from the now closed brewery, Grant’s Brewing and Malting Company. This Russian Imperial Stout is a 9.0% abv and generously hopped with locally grown Cascade hops. This is a nod to Bert Grant’s Russian Imperial Stout first brewed in the mid 1980’s. When our brewer met Bert in 1992, Bert told him that “it takes the same amount of time to make an average beer as it does a great beer. Always add more malt and more hops to make it great!” We hope Bert would approve! Currently available at the brewery!
  • Cave d’Bear (limited release) – This is our once and done release of our wild lager with four berries added to the keg (strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry). At 4.5% abv, it perfectly balances the tart from the wild yeast with the sweetness from the berries. This is highly crushable and some customers have described it as “what pink tastes like“. Currently only available at the brewery!
  • Cave Summerfest Lager (limited release) – This is our version of a Summer Shandy that doesn’t suck. It contains NO lemons. The lemon notes come from our choice of malts and our brewing techniques. It is 5% abv with a nice hint of lemongrass at the end that beckons another sip. Perfect for the hot days of summer. Currently available at brewery taproom and Jamison’s!
  • Cave Sour Apple Kolsch (limited release) – This is our second “wild” release. It combines Kolsch yeast and our special house blend to create a 5% abv light ale with a subtle but pleasant sour apple flavor at the end. Very crushable and is a perfect Fall drink. Currently only available at the brewery’s taproom

Check back on this website to find out when and where more of our beers are it on tap or check our Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook page for updates, news, and pictures!


If you would like to be included on our newsletter email list, please go to the contact page and let us know in the comment section and we will add you. Since we are still working full time “day jobs”, we usually only brew on the weekends so we don’t currently have regular taproom hours/days. We use our newsletter list to let our fans know of special “taproom only” releases, specials, taproom hours/dates, and most importantly, HOW to get to the taproom!