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Our Concept

Evolving Beer

Cave Brewing Company cultivates beer by respecting standards of the past and demands of the future. The brewery’s flagship base of Artisan Ales & Lagers is a product of over two decades of study. This foundation of classical styles blended with pure ingredients allows for the responsible practice of Evolving Beer.

Nano Brewery

Smallest brewery in Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania, producing on a five barrel system.

Local Hops

Hops are grown in brewery's garden on 5-acre property or sourced from local hop farmer.

Well Water

Chemical and additive free water is pulled from property's 300-foot-deep well.

100% Non-Filtered

All beer produced is non-filtered and non-pasteurized, drinking fresh is encouraged.

There's nothing we love seeing more than a brewery that puts quality first! Thank you @cavebrewing for having us try your fantastic brews and your awesome hospitality!


Cave takes its inspiration to create honest ales and lagers from local ingredients when available, and authentic malts and hops to brew styles from European origins.

Chris Bowen - Beer Historian and Award-Winning Home Brewer talking to the staff, interacting with all the people who showed up, and trying all the amazing beers on the tap list including the star of the day: the release of Haze 2.0.


Probably most important of all is the use of non-chemically treated and additive free water. Their water comes from a 300-foot-deep well tapped into an ancient spring.

John DelGrosso - The Valley Ledger

Craft Beer Historian

Beer historian and award-winning home brewer Chris Bowen visited us. His explorations have taken him to Canada, UK, and Russia.