Blind Eye Barley Wine

A dynamic barleywine designed to remain delicious when consumed fresh or aged. Blind Eye Barleywine required careful tuning to boast full vanilla notes and end with a smooth finish. Our customers describe the experience as “dangerously smooth”.

Style: Barley Wine    |    ABV: 11%    |    IBU: 28

Cave IPA

Our balanced IPA is brewed with the perfect combination of Citra and Simcoe hops. It produces a subtle grapefruit aroma and is complimented by a malt profile that provides depth and smoothness.

Style: India Pale Ale    |    ABV: 7.1%    |    IBU: 80

Cave Lager

A sincere lager brewed with real German Pilsen malt, Czech hops, and German yeast. It is proudly unfiltered and full of flavor. This is a beer that will make you fall in love with lagers.

Style: Lager    |    ABV: 5%    |    IBU: 11

Drew’s Hand Nitro Stout

Our nitro served stout involves the collaboration of eight different grains and locally sourced Cascade hops. The result is a slightly sweet stout that balances coffee notes and chocolate flavors.

Style: Stout    |    ABV: 6.5%    |    IBU: 26


Trapped In The Cave

Our rendition of Belgian monastic or abbey ales. It is styled after the Trappist style Dubbel. This ale is unfiltered, brewed with only local hops, and delivers precise amounts of residual sweetness.

Style: Belgian-Style Dubbel    |    ABV: 7.5%    |    IBU: 13


Bert’s Yakima Stout

Bert’s Yakima Stout is our attempt at honoring a recipe from respected brewer Bert Grant, founder of Yakima Brewery and Malting Company out of Yakima, Washington. Just like the original recipe, this beer is only hopped with locally sourced Cascade hops. Our brewer first met Bert in 1992, Bert passed along this advice, “It takes the same amount of time to make an average beer as it does a great beer. So always add more malt and more hops and make it great.”

Style: Stout    |    ABV: 9%    |    IBU: 53

Cave d’Bear

In this fusion, we combined wild ale and German lager yeast. This ale is fermented with the introduction of four berries; blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry. The tart of the wild yeast is noticeably balanced by the sweetness of the berries.

Style: Wild Ale    |    ABV: 4.5%    |    IBU: 11

Cave Haze New England Style IPA

This is our generously hopped tribute to New England Style IPAs. Unfiltered and hazy, we dry hopped this IPA to exhibit robust grapefruit and mango flavors.

Style: India Pale Ale    |    ABV: 8%    |    IBU: 90

Cave Sour Apple Kolsch

We combined Kolsch yeast with our special house blend to create a refreshing light ale. A subtle and pleasant sour apple flavor finishes every sip.

Style: German-Style Kolsch    |    ABV: 5%    |    IBU: 12

Cave Summerfest Lager

This is our version of an elevated “Summer Shandy” that contains no lemons. The lemon notes are derived from our choice of select malts and precise brewing techniques. Hints of lemongrass can be found at the end of every sip.

Style: Lager    |    ABV: 5%    |    IBU: 11

Winter’s Beetdown Brown Ale

A “Smoke Box Project” that features our own smoked malt. Organic beet juice is used in the brewing process to produce a unique twist on traditional winter ales.

Style: Brown Ale    |    ABV: 6.5%    |    IBU: 25

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