Kolsch’s are ales with clean/crisp lager qualities fermented at low temperatures for several weeks. They are typically very low in alcohol and light in appearance and flavor. We decided to “evolve” our Kolsch and give it big nut-brown flavors while still finish clean with a light sweetness. We use 100% German malts and hops to create this non-bitter and oh so crushable beer!

STYLE: Kolsch   |   ABV: 6.4%   |   IBU: 14   |   AVAILABILITY: Seaonal


A highly drinkable barleywine designed to remain delicious when consumed fresh or aged. Slightly sweet finish with notes of vanilla notes, this finishes smooth. Our customers describe the experience as “dangerously smooth”.

STYLE: Barley Wine   |   ABV: 10.5%   |   IBU: 28   |   AVAILABILITY: Year Round


This clean crisp English blonde ale is a take on the classic Blonde style developed to compete against the German lager style taking over Europe at the time. We evolved ours by lightly hopping it with Amarillo, Mosaic, and Citra hops. Why? Because we can! Notes of tropical fruit and grass. True lawnmower beer! Mowing never tasted so good!

STYLE: Lager   |   ABV: 5.8%   |   IBU: 23   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal


An American twist on a classic English Blonde Ale but using Amarillo, Mosaic, and Citra hops and just the right amount of garden grown ghost peppers to add depth but not a large amount of heat. Great flavor of black pepper in the back end and in the aftertaste with tropical notes up front. Chase the Ghost without the fear of getting burned!

STYLE: Blonde Ale   |   ABV: 5.9%   |   IBU: 23   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal


We started this build with Azacca hops continuously added during the 70-minute boil that provides a pleasant mix of peppery, mango, pineapple/tangerine, and pine flavors then generously hopped with Mosaic hops to provide a blueberry aroma combines for a complex mix of fruit and pine that is not overly bitter. Then we decided to spice things up and added our ghost peppers in it for fun. It’s has a balanced burn that brings out the black pepper notes.

STYLE: Pale Ale   |   ABV: 6.2%   |   IBU: 53   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal


An unfiltered Belgian Wit Ale with hints of coriander, banana, and orange peel. “Wit” refers to the cloudy or “white” color of the style which typically has spices added to enhance its flavor. No spices were harmed nor added to our Wit. The full aroma and flavor are a result of our perfect combination of malts and Cave’s in-house yeast. Think of a popular colored “Moon” beer but with much richer flavors!

STYLE: Belgian Wit   |   ABV: 5.5%   |   IBU: 17   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal


A true to style Belgium Trappist Ale with hints of plums, apples, spice and earthy qualities without the wild “funk” of many Belgian beers. This Tripel is balanced and not overly sweet. Getting Trapped with ale never tasted so good!

STYLE: Belgian Tripel   |   ABV: 8.1%   |   IBU: 13   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal



This is our generously hopped tribute to New England Style IPAs. Unfiltered and hazy, we double dry hopped this IPA to exhibit robust grapefruit and mango flavors.

STYLE: India Pale Ale   |   ABV: 7.8%   |   IBU: 90   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal


This true to East Coast malt forward IPA creates a very smooth and flavorful IPA. Hints of grapefruit and citrus are balanced just so with our grain bill that you’ll be beckoning for another one before you finish your last sip.

STYLE: India Pale Ale   |   ABV: 7.3%   |   IBU: 80   |   AVAILABILITY: Year Round


Ever wish you could combine your love of IPAs with salsa? Well, meet your support group! We took a very session-able IPA hopped with Summit, Azacca, and Denali giving a tropical and onion notes with tomatoes, basil, cilantro, pineapples, and hot pepper and smoke. No extracts, all natural and unapologetically unfiltered. A unique beer that will never be made again. Try it now!

STYLE: India Pale Ale   |   ABV: 5.5%   |   IBU: 75   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal



This a classical “dunkel” (dark) style originated in Munich and emphasizes the rich Munich malts with notes of toffee, bread, chocolate, and molasses. The noble hops peek through but finishes with a smooth malty finish. Extremely sessionable and perfect companion for Winter and Spring.

STYLE: Munich Dunkel Lager   |   ABV: 5.4%   |   IBU: 15   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal


We took our love for our lager and created a fruited saison lager. We conditioned it on blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries – bringing a clean crisp fruit forward aromas and a slight fruit funk flavor. We love how this beer looks and greets our tastebuds!

STYLE: Saison Lager   |   ABV: 4.5%   |   IBU: 11   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal


This traditional German lager uses 100% German Pilsen malt, hops, and yeast to create a true German lager with both body, flavor and a clean finish. True definition of a “lawnmower” beer for craft beer drinkers without rice, corn, or sugar added! Tastes great on a stool or your lawn chair!

STYLE: Lager   |   ABV: 5.5%   |   IBU: 11   |   AVAILABILITY: Year Round


Showing our love of lagers, we created a coffee infused lager. We used locally roasted coffee beans into the secondary fermentation to give it the wonderful aromas and coffee flavor while still maintaining that golden color of the lager!

STYLE: Lager   |   ABV: 4.4%   |   IBU: 11   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal


We took our “regular coffee” lager recipe and decided to heat things up and added our ghost peppers into it. Like our other “HOT” beers, we strive for balance and not to burn your face off. Not overly hot but a pleasant burn.

STYLE: Lager   |   ABV: 4.4%   |   IBU: 11   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal


Our Cave Smoke Lager is a true labor of love — at the end of the season, we take our left-over garden-grown hops and set them on fire and use the resulting smoke to drift over our base malt to create a great earthy smoke flavor and aroma in this crisp lager. The smoke is very apparent, but not overpowering. We like to think of this as 4:21.

STYLE: Lager   |   ABV: 6.2%   |   IBU: 11   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal



Finally, a dessert beer for the rest of us! We took our popular lager combined it with our house yeast and added three berries to it (blueberries, black cherries, and pomegranate) with a dash or two of Mexican vanilla to produce a tasty, refreshing and oh so drinkable. This is our take on evolving the Winter Lager style. The grain bill is 100% German Pilsen malt and Saaz hops.

STYLE: Saison Lager   |   ABV: 5.1%   |   IBU: 14.6   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal


Bert’s is not your everyday Russian imperial stout. Brewed as a traditional Russian imperial but hopped with a copious amounts of homegrown cascade hops creating a hop forward Russian imperial stout that shouldn’t exist but does…here. This brew was created to memorialize our long-time mentor Bert Grant from Grant’s Brewing and Malting Company in Yakima Washington.

STYLE: Russian Imperial Stout   |   ABV: 9%   |   IBU: 53   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal


This is our tap mix of Drew’s Hand Stout and our Cave Lager. For those wanting to walk on the dark side without fear, give this one a taste!

STYLE: Blend   |   ABV: 5%   |   IBU: 19   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal


Our take on the ultimate Irish Stout. It tastes simple and delicious but it our most complex and difficult recipe to brew having TEN different grains. You’ll get chocolate and cream throughout the aroma and flavor and a subtle complexity rarely found for the style. At a low abv %, this is a crushable all year-round stout and is dedicated to our nephew Drew who had a “hand” in its creation.

STYLE: Irish Stout   |   ABV: 5%   |   IBU: 26   |   AVAILABILITY: Year Round


Introducing our newest SOUR Pale Ale – this tart and balanced pale ale will have your mind going crazy – although it is sour it is balanced nicely with our malt background and a bitter hop at the end to remind you it’s a beer.

STYLE: Sour Pale Ale   |   ABV: 6.3%   |   IBU: 81   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal


A blend created by our friend and banker, Greg. The Loan Shark is a blend of the Blind Eye Barleywine and Drew’s Hand Stout. The creaminess of the stout and the smoothness of the barleywine propel this brew into the realm of dangerously dark and sophisticated. You may want to hit the ATM for a few more.

STYLE: Blend   |   ABV: 8%   |   IBU: 27   |   AVAILABILITY: Seasonal

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